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Ms. Mithlesh Jain – Owner of Concept artz

The Start

Concept Artz founder Ms. Mithlesh Jain showcased her ideas first during her MBA in 2011. On showcasing her ideas and concept of personalising utility gifts got a lot of interest from her professors, classmates and even some Venture capitalists when presented in an E-cell competition in the course. Mithlesh took a chance unlike her other classmates and pursued the business after completing her MBA in 2012. It took a lot of time and struggle to pick up.

The Idea

The idea of Concept Artz has been to understand giving personal touch to utility items. The gifts range starts from just Rs.150 making it affordable for everyone to gift something special to their loved ones. Initially we started with outsourcing some of the services but later with support and appreciation we got all our services in-house making it very easy to deliver in shorter period of time. Currently we can process the order in less than 24 hours. We developed partnerships with websites as a supplier and gained a lot of appreciation with our quick deliveries.

Growing Together

We are suppliers to a lot of websites. But With time we realised that there were many people who wanted to do something similar and had a lot different ideas to sell our products creatively but did not have the sources to make similar products. A lot of them were women who were on a sabbatical from work due to personal responsibilities and did not find ways to go back to doing full time jobs. That’s when we offered them options of reselling our products. This got an income to someone unemployed, but with great insights and on the other hand getting sales for the company, a win-win situation for everyone. It made structure to this market of personalised gifting which turned into a core gifting category later.

Looking Forward

We are always open to resellers, currently having more than 300 resellers all over India who make hampers and gift packages using our personalised items.
There are no partnership charges to join us, only that your first order needs to be above Rs.1000. You can start with us with literally just one order. We promise to support you with new designs, new products, quick service, and great prices as you grow with us!

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We set a mission to provide the best quality products with more innovation and a personal touch for each article!


Our vision stands strong to bring more smiles with our unique gift articles, and have the longest and strongest chain of Resellers!
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